5 Creep Alerts: How to know if you’re dating a creep

Unfortunately, people don’t walk around with signs that will tell you if what’s coming out of their mouth is genuine or if they just want a temporary trip to paradise. Before you step out on the date with your potential love here are 5 Creep Alerts to look out for.


1. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!! She/He cannot stop talking about sex. There is nothing more annoying than someone who appears to be overly-sexed. These are people to watch out for. Sex, might be the only way that they express themselves or the only way they feel they can show someone that they’re interested. Whatever the case may be make sure you have enough dialogue to see what they are really into. Watch out for inappropriate pictures, text messages and dates to his/her house to watch a “movie”.

2. Liar! Liar! Already early in the friendship you’ve caught them in several lies. Who they live with? How many children they have? Their past. We all have told little white lies and sometimes it’s not a bad thing. Just be careful if you get hit with too many lies, you might be dating a stranger.

3. Stranger Danger. So you’ve shared your family history, resume and relationship woes but yet they haven’t told you much of anything. People that withhold information either don’t want you to get to know them or have no clue who they are. Withholding information doesn’t make them a creep but the fact that they make no efforts in moving towards a comfortable zone to tell you does. It takes some people longer than others to warm up but if after a month you’re still clueless. It’s time to go!

4. Check one! Check two! When you meet someone new, it should feel good. Like the feeling you get when you buy a new car or move into a new place. The so called butterflies, there should be warmth in your soul for accomplishing your goal. You should feel the same way while dating someone because you are dating with a purpose. If you find yourself checking out on your new potential beau or belle it may be time to check out. No one whom you just met should continue to offend or disrespect you. If the relationship starts with disrespect, there’s a big chance of it reoccurring. So, set your standards clearly in the beginning.

5. I’m a nice guy/girl. Most creeps will continue to say things to confuse you and when you question them they will continue to voice how nice of a person they are or can be. Chances are if they’re a nice person they will never have to say it because their actions will show it.

These creep alerts are based on the experiences I’ve had or heard of through friends and family. If you feel that one of these alerts doesn’t make someone a creep, then you’re probably a creep as well, which is fine. Just know that you both aren’t just dating you’re dating for a purpose. Even if it’s super creepy.

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