Red Light Special at Redcoat Tavern

The color red ignites a sense of passion with us and we associate it often times with LOVE. So there’s no wonder why I fell in love with Redcoat Tavern. Not only is it a Burger Restaurant but Esquire voted them “One of the best bars in America”.

There are two locations one in Royal Oak and the other in West Bloomfield. Kris was in Burger Heaven, we built our own beef specials and enjoyed the beer and wine menu as well. The ambiance is what set our mood. Both of us complimented one another on how the lights slapped a glow on our faces and we had a mini photo shoot. Overall we enjoyed the Redcoat Tavern and its vintage style restaurant.

Redcoat Tavern
31542 Woodward
Royal Oak, MI
Prices- $$


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