Love you first, Them later!!

It’s time to give you exactly what you deserve starting with your very own actions. The relationships that you build and don’t build impact your future. But the most important relationship starts with yourself. You cannot love any other woman, man or God unless you start within yourself. How can you love another if you hate things about the person you will be with for the rest of your life. You.

A lot if people don’t even know that they don’t love themselves. They may say it but it’s your actions that will show it. When was the last time that you felt great not “okay” or “good” but GREAT. Those people you hang around how do they make you feel? The man/woman that is close to you, are you allowing them to emotionally abuse you because of the not perfect but worth it past? You deserve the best. Point blank period . Not a piece. Not an inch and not just what someone will give you. Rough times do come but when you have a strong relationship with yourself the person you’re with knows better than to repetitively hurt you. How many times do you tell yourself “I’m sorry” before you’re fed up with the way you go about things ? Not on an excessive level, right? The reason why is because you don’t like disappointing yourself so why let someone that YOU brought into your life do the same.

Look in the mirror, that person should always wear a smile inside and out because they know that their life and love is valuable. They understand that a bump in the road is not the end of the road. And life goes on and as long as they’re on this Earth they will go on as well. Choose your circle wisely and pick your beau/belle carefully. Show how much you love other people by giving yourself a full tank of love first. Remember you’re dating with a purpose and one that will change the rest of your life.

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