How NOT to give your number out!

We’ve all been there, standing in line at the gas station when someone approaches you and no matter what you say or do they continue their “game”. You decline nicely but he has something to say for everything that you tell them:
You-“I’m married”
Them- “Can you have friends?”

You-“I’m only focusing on myself”
Them-“When you’re done hit me up?”

You-“I’m moving to Mars”
Them-“Cool, do you FaceTime?”

Like, really dude!!! For some people shutting the opposite sex down is easy but it can also be dangerous. There are some instances where ladies have been robbed, verbally disrespected and physically harmed due to a decline. So, I have come up with a few “Thirst Proof” techniques to walk away like a lady.

1. The Smile and Shake.The next time you’re approached a simple tight lipped smile and shake of the head should work the trick. The smile and shake is saying “no thank you”. Don’t forget to keep it moving to your destination. This goes the same way for compliments say your thanks and continue on your way. A bright smile and long stare is very inviting and sometimes misleading. Think about how you smiled and gazed in the eyes of someone you did want to exchange contact info with.

2. Shawty Two Words. If you find yourself in a conversation at a bar or event with someone you’re not feeling start cutting the conversation short. Keep your answers short or politely excuse yourself. Don’t feel the need to hold a conversation because it shows that you’re somewhat interested.

3. Stop Sign. Being occupied is another good way to prevent an unwanted suitor from approaching you. If you see them coming your way make a phone call or talk to friends. But if you turn to see them still waiting slowly ease away to a bathroom or with a group.

4. No Fear. Keep your cool, being rude and upset can trigger a dangerous event. Usually fear drives people to do crazy things. Be careful of your surroundings and the people that you hang around. It’s easy to attract the wrong people when you’re with the wrong crowd.

5. Be straightforward. Men always complain about women playing games this is your moment to prove them wrong. If he asks for your number just reply “I’m not dating at this time” and leave it alone. You don’t have to explain anything to anyone but if he wants to be persistent tell the truth.

Just remember these technique’s are what has worked for me and friends in the past. You may get a kick out of being rude to a guy in front if his friends. Personally that’s not my style. Take the approach as a compliment to how good you looked that day, versus him being “too thirsty”. Don’t get so caught up in yourself that you can’t recognize the difference between an undesirable and your future husband. Be classy about your walk away because you’re dating with a purpose, now.


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  1. Great post ! Thanks for sharing this 😊


    1. Querida says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it


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