Tired of Being Single? Tips to be a Double!

Uh no! I’m not a relationship expert but at some point in my life I was single, lonely, in a situationship, dating and coupled. Does my status matter? Absolutely NOT!! What matters to me is helping to give you hope that the next date that you go on will lead to a happy, healthy REALationship. I spelled that wrong on purpose. Moving along, your prince/princess charming is close but in order for them to move at the pace that you would like, make sure you have done or are doing the following:

Read this fast!

1. When you see a happy or loving couple, feel happy for them and with them. Appreciate seeing love instead of picking something negative to say.

2. The relationships that you already have be grateful for them. If you have someone you love but don’t love their behavior, work it out by looking at what you love about that person and what they do well. If there’s more good than bad, make a choice. Today. Tomorrow is not promised.

3. Stop calling your friends and family complaining about some shit you’re putting up with.

4. Stop playing games because he/she is playing games. Somebody has to lose, after all it is a game.

5. Take people for who they are and not who you want them to be.

6. Get off Facebook/Instagram/Twitter telling people how mad you are that you’re single. Trust me we’re mad that one minute you’re crying for a relationship and the next its F*ck everybody, Get money. And money isn’t everything without good people to share it with.

7. There’s only one you, so stop being insecure. Fix you, love you, date you. It’s hard to date someone and they have no clue who they are.

8. Crucifying your exes character on social media doesn’t make your NEXT feel like it’ll be any different with him/her

9. That one friend that’s bitter as hell, keep hanging with him/her and yo ass will be bitter too. It’s contagious.

10. Trust that the perfect person for you, for your situation and for the duration of life is getting themselves ready for you as well. Don’t lose your faith in finding a good woman/man. Just because you hit some speed bumps and maybe even been in accident. You walked away from it all to try again. This time be more careful.

You should be out of breath and now ready to date with a purpose other than that roller coaster that you’ve been riding for too long. I want the best for you as you should, otherwise why are you reading this blog. XOXO!!!

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