How to FALL in Love?

In honor of the beginning of Autumn, the season of change. I want to encourage you to “fall in love”. Not just a hard like but full blown love. The more you fall in love with the things around you the easier it will be for real love to come to you. I’m going to let you in on how to bring more love to you so that you can fall in love gracefully.

1. Fall in love with yourself. I say it all the time almost with every post but I mean business. Fall in love with your smile, personality, the way you laugh or even the way you cry. There’s no greater love than the love you have for yourself because it teaches you to be a better human being serving a greater purpose.

2. Fall in love with time. How slow it moves to teach patience and how fast it goes when you’re on the move. You may not understand that within due time everything falls into place on time.

3. Fall in love with food. Whether you are trying to gain weight, lose weight or just be healthy. Love what you put in your body to get the best outcome.

4. Fall in love with life. Not just life in general but the lives around you. Your family, friends and strangers that have helped you along the way.

5. Fall in love with nature. The warm sun that shines in your face, the rain that wets your nose and the stars that guide you at night.

6. Fall in love with your freedom. The freedom to be creative, the freedom to love, the freedom to dream. Don’t hold yourself back because of fear, run free.

7. Fall in love with God. You are here for a reason, one that you may not discover if you don’t believe that you were put on Earth for a greater purpose that the eye can see.

So you see the way to Fall in Love with anyone else is to first Fall in Love with everything that you encounter. Remember you’re not just dating, you’re dating with a purpose.

I change
Like the leaves
I grow
Like the trees
I fall
When I Fall in Love.


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