Top Ten Sweetest Day Gifts to get him

If you don’t know what to get your sweetie, don’t worry I got you. Pick one or all ten, just don’t get him drama. Lawd knows you’ve gave him enough!

1. Bake or buy his favorite dessert. Chocolate cake or you wrapped in love.

2. Dinner. If he’s at work send him an e-gift card to his fav lunch spot. Take him to a restaurant he wants to hit or make him that steak that he’s been craving.

3. Electronics. It doesn’t have to be a TV or game system. Men that love technology will go for anything that will enhance what they already have at home.

4. Hoodies and Hats. He hates wearing coats, buy him what you know he’ll wear not what you want to see him in.

5. Grooming kits. Gifts sets for cologne, shaving kits and body wash sets.

6. Cigars and cognac. If he smokes or likes to pretend that he does buy him and cigar, pour him a glass of the best cognac and join him in a bubble bath.

7. Massage. Rather it’s from your own hands or a professionals, find a way to make sure he’s relaxed.

8. Fun. If you have the type of man that loves to shoot pool, bowl or have fun. Then find a spot where you can eat and play.

9. Memorabilia. That picture with his grandfather whom passed away or his high school basketball jersey, that reminds him of his glory days. Make a memory a legacy by framing something he holds dear.

10. Presence. Be there for him or just around him. Since you’re in a healthy relationship, then make sure you shine like the sunshine that he chose you to be. It’s his day to be celebrated so make sure he feels that way.

Hey ladies, it’s easy to let a holiday get in the way of what’s most important and that’s making your beau feel appreciated. Remember the most important gift is love. You’re not just dating anymore, it’s all for a purpose now.

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