DateNightDetroit: Valentines Day Plans for the Single and the Paired!!

February 14th is fast approaching and the hopeless romantic in me wants to give you a few places to go and things to do differently to make sure you and your Valentine have a most enjoyable one. Unless you’re dating that one person that doesn’t believe in celebrating which I think is ludicrous because it’s not about what they feel like doing it should be about what pleases your partner. But that’s a personal belief, I love to love, show love and display it. Single or not, I always make sure that I’m making the most out of my Valentine’s Day even if I’m my own damn Valentine. So here’s a list of what to do for you or that special someone.

1. The Getaway. I’m a sucker for quick trips, day trips and four hour destinations, road trips are so much fun whether with your best friends, family or the person you love. This Valentine’s Day make a dash out of the state or even out of the city to getaway from your usual environment. My suggestions:

a. Northern or Upper Michigan. Those Pure Michigan ads are very tempting and spending the weekend in a nice toasty cabin or a ski resort won’t cost much and it’ll surely be a memory for the both of you. and offers plenty of cabin and cottage options depending on the location.

b. Chicago. The Chi is such a short drive but a big difference from our Dear Ole’ Detroit. And Groupon always has hotel packages to take advantage of, just be careful which days you choose.

c. Downtown Detroit. Sounds familiar? How about you book a room in one of our best hotels, eat at one of our upscale restaurants, see a show at the Fox or have a drink at one of our many upscale bars. There are so many gem’s in this vintage city to explore, be creative about where you go and you might even impress yourself.

2. Competitive Fun. A little trash talk never hurt anybody? Make your date fun and go somewhere that you can use your energy in a positive way. There’s nothing more sexy than finding out what your partner is good at and whatever they’re bad at can be an inside joke for you later.

a. Go Kart Racing.

b. Ping Pong.

c. Pool/Bowling/Arcade.

d. Ice skating.

3. Group date. So you hang with a group of single ladies or it’s bachelor night. Come up with an itinerary that will allow you to enjoy your single days. Remember these are the days that you don’t ahve to worry about answering to anyone but yourself, spending all of your spare money on nonsense and feeling damn good about it. So, why not spend it with the people that know you best.

a. Ladies– Get together and have a ladies night rent movies, cook dinner, have plenty of wine and share your raunchy stories. Make sure all phones are in a safe zone from “drunk texting” and calling your ex (who you know is with his new girlfriends).

b. Gent’s– Get fly and bar hop meet as many pretty women as you can because you are free to do whatever the hell you want. Stay away from texting that one girl that never texts you back, she will be busy, trust me. I’m trying to look out for you, focus on making sure that you’re having a great day and not on who would’ve been with you had they acted right.

c. Throw a party. Invite all of your friends, BYOB, supply some snacks and turn up the music. That way no one will be alone, everyone will be turned up together and you won’t run out of liquor.

4. Stay home. If you don’t feel like going out it’s perfectly fine to stay in. As much as I love to go out last year all I wanted to do was stay in with my Valentine. We ordered Chinese food and watched The Walking Dead marathon, absolute perfection. It’s cold outside, you don’t have a lot of money but you have a big heart and that’s all that counts. Here are a few ideas for my more creative, less likely to splurge homebodies.

a. Cook together. Buy some steaks, bake some potatoes, steam some broccoli and pour that wine. Who doesn’t want to share a warm meal with the realest person they’ve known in a while. Show them how you get down in the kitchen or allow them to take over your kitchen.

b. Netflix. Make it a movie night, pick a genre, catch up on a series or just pick a random movie.***CUDDLE ALERT*** be prepared for a little snuggle just make sure you’re also equipped for what happens after the movie goes off.

c. Wicked Games. Hit your local “pleasure store” pick up some lingerie or a game and go home to have some fun. Make sure it’s reckless but not too reckless that you end up going to jail or not being able to sit down and above all play it safe, unless you’re married. Pretending to be a wife/husband and actually being one is another blog….so just be safe.

5. Get Creative. You might want to have fun but nothing that makes you sweat or costs you more than you wanted to spend so here are a few ideas, that might actually become a hobby for you.

a. Go paint with a twist. Make the night a memory that you can hang on your wall. The BYOB painting classes have become popular not just for dates but for work events and ladies night out. Plus, they have couple paint lessons for V-Day.

b. Smooth Operator. Learn to salsa or ballroom, these are lessons that you might even continue to venture after your date.

c. Bake a cake. Cake Crumbs in Southfield is hosting an event Cakes, Couples & Cocktails, where you can learn to bake a two tiered cake. Check their Facebook page for more information.

d. Cooking classes. Learn together, teamwork makes the dream work and Mirepoix Cooking School has classes that you and your beau can register for and create beautiful dishes together.

These are just a few things to try out, I tried to come up with a few non-traditional and traditional dating ideas just remember whatever you do put your own creative touch on it. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about you it’s about pleasing the person that understands you more than you do yourself sometimes or that person that’s always there to listen and comfort you. We want to make sure both parties will have a good time and enjoy one another’s company no matter where you go or what you do. But if you are going to date don’t just pick someone because you don’t want to be alone, it’s okay to be by yourself than with someone that makes you unhappy or upset all the time. And if you’ve decided to spend it with yourself, don’t forget to splurge. And to all my dater’s make sure you mark this date as the first one of many because our main goal with every date is to date with a purpose.



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