The Original Detroit

Detroiter’s Make Detroit


Look around….like a good look around at the people who surround you.

The impatient woman standing behind you at the corner store, who continues to mutter under her breathe how tired she is and how slow the person behind the counter is moving. And the moment you acknowledge her, she has an audience and it’s showtime.

How about the teenagers standing in the middle of the street as you speed up just enough to scare them but not enough to get charged with attempted murder. The way you roll your eyes makes them call out obscenities at the car but you keep going because you’re sure that another group is posted a block down.

Or what about the man in the gas station yelling over everyone about absolutely nothing and makes sure to lock eyes with you hoping that you’re buying the lie. Whether it’s the truth or not is none of your business .

These people from different neighborhood’s, walk of life and backgrounds are Detroiter’s, they are what makes this city move. In recent years we look around and can’t recognize certain parts of our area because it’s new, renovated and refurbished. Every time you take a drive downtown there’s construction: high priced lofts, double digit apartments and restaurants that your taste buds would never approve.

Is this the new Detroit? Hipster crowds filled with free-spirited art geeks and food without meat or milk. It’s easy to get angry, disappointed and to feel like an outsider. But you must remember one thing. You are Detroit, it’s running through your veins. You were raised in a neighborhood where you had to come in before the street lights came on, and the nosey lady down the street told your people your every move. It was you sitting in that DPS classroom with thirty-five other kids being taught by a teacher who despite the disrespectful and low pay still got up every morning to make sure you made it. Remember Saturday night at the skating rink was a class reunion. Despite all of the changes being made around you, just remember you are the original Detroit.

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