Mind Your Business!!

Reasons why your’e in everyone else’s but your own…

It’s true, you have brilliant ideas, most of them come while your’e in the shower, riding around in the car or even at work. Constant thoughts about opening a business but something is holding you back. And that something is YOU. Here are a list of things that keeps you from not moving forward:

  • Money- Of course you need start up money. But let me ask, have you even pressed the Start button yet. The money that you’re spending on shoes you only wear twice a year, clothes that you bought but never wore and tickets to concerts where you arrived late and left early. That is your start up money, if there’s money to spare for entertainment why not use some of that money to invest in yourself.
  • Time- Keep telling yourself that you go to school full-time, work full-time, mom/dad full-time so there’s no time to become a millionaire (that’s exactly what you’re saying). Be careful what you tell yourself because you may start to believe it. This is where the hustle and grind comes from. Value every second of every day and start to schedule at least one to two hours dedicated to perfecting your craft. It’s the same as making time for your children, to go to the gym and celebrate a loved one’s birthday. Make time for your business just as you do everything else that’s important.
  • Laziness- Come home. Eat. Sit on the couch until bedtime. So you decided not to start the business because you don’t want to right now or you will later. Meanwhile, another business opened up with the same name that you wanted to use, trademark or logo. The longer you wait the harder it will be for you to jump into an ever changing market. Everyday a new technology, product or service is offered, the product that you want to put out now might be hot today but maybe ancient when you finally decide to wake up. Take advantage of NOW.
  • Fear. F.E.A.R, the fear of failure, the fear of not knowing anyone or not being supported.                         Everyday you run into constant reminders of why you should’n’t take the leap but everyday you wake up and don’t realize that today is the only reminder that you need to move forward. You weren’t born to wake up, work your whole life, then die. Nope, not even close. You were born with gifts and talents that should be exercised to their full potential. No matter how small or lame you might think your dream is, if marketed correctly you could turn lame into millions or billions even.
  • Family and Friends- the people that you surround yourself with can have a lot to do with how you move in life. If you tell someone your idea and they laugh or discourage you it may have you second guessing yourself. But the real question is how successful is this advisor, have they tried and failed at their own investment or are they just telling you what someone told them. Be careful where you get your advice and support. Not everyone wants to see you become a hit maybe because they’ve never followed their dreams or because they knew someone, who knew someone that tried and failed. This person is NOT YOU, the ideas in your head are yours, the creations that you see are real but it’s up to you to bring thoughts to life.

I hope this nudges you a little into the right direction of stardom or even encourages you not to quit. And remember once you get that business of the ground, email me so we can work together.


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