How to Boss Up!


You must become a boss in your mind before the idea ever gets off the ground.

It’s true that you need to be smart, have great sales techniques and manage your money religiously. But what about the qualities you can work on now that will shape your character. Now is the time to think, look and act like the boss you wish to become. Below are a few tips to make sure you are Bossin’ Up (put those arms down) before you create the job.

Attitude-One of the most important qualities a business and it’s owner can carry is great customer service skills. Today, is the perfect day to start treating people the way you wish to be treated. The manner in which you carry yourself will say a lot about your business. Think about all those times you wanted a dress or shirt but when you went in to buy it the service was so horrible that you told everyone you ran into not to shop in that store. Whether it was an employee or the owner, that experience stuck with you. Make sure that give good customer service by first being a good customer to others.

Time-Some of us have a lot of it, others may have just a few hours or minutes. It’s important to value every minute that you are given. If the expectation of your employees is to be on time then make sure as an employee that you’re doing the same right now. Respect time others and your own. Think of it like this the doors open at 8am, you’re scheduled to work at 8am, make sure that you’re in by 7:55am. Why? Because one day you’ll expect the same out of your employees.

Grooming-We live in a small city where there’s a store on every corner and next to it a plaza with the Chicken/Fish Fry, beauty supply, and dollar store. I understand why you feel comfortable rolling out of bed and running to grab a beverage, roll of paper towel or a nice shiny new bonnet. But right now, the plans are to build your brand and in doing so “don’t get caught slipping”. As soon as you open for business every time you walk out that front door, you’re no longer just Jamesha Smith, you’re Jamesha who owns that boutique, Jamesha who opened her own nail salon, Jamesha who owns all those rental properties. It’s time to leave Jamesha with the red bonnet at home.

These are just a few tips, I’m sure there are plenty more out there. Just remember being a Boss starts the moment you decided to become your own.

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