Happy 313 Day Detroiter’s!!



IMG_0120In honor of this day that we have claimed our own, I’ve listed 10 things to do to celebrate your love for the city.

  1. Take a drive around historic parts of the city to appreciate the architecture and aging of some of our most precious gem’s.
  2. Eat at your favorite Coney Island.
  3. Sip on a Faygo and snack on some Bettermaid chips.
  4. Take a drive from 8mile to Belle Isle.
  5. Say “Whattup Doe” to at least 10 people.
  6. Wear your Detroit Vs. Everybody hoodie.
  7. Complain about those dividers in the middle of Livernois while driving down Livernois.
  8. Go support your local Detroit businesses.
  9. Argue with someone about the correct way to say “Lahser”.
  10. Spend time with your favorite Detroiter’s.

Some of these are goofy but number 10 is something that I do as much as possible, it’s important to hear their stories, look at their pictures of neighborhood’s that aren’t around anymore and understand that without them we would be just another boring city in the world. So thanks to the Detroiter’s for holding this city together!

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  1. graveyardnight says:

    I went to Detroit once. Not sure what I think of it. We went to the movement festival. I was definitely out of my element. So many cultures and people I had never been around before.

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    1. Querida says:

      Yes that event is very diverse, follow the blog and I’ll show you parts that you’ve never heard of 🙂 thanks for the comment

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      1. graveyardnight says:

        I don’t know how much of my blog you have seen, but I have quite the attraction to African-American women.

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      2. graveyardnight says:

        I mean no offense.


  2. Doby_apparel says:

    Good read

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