QLD: interview with Swim Craze


Name: Monique Claymoatwork

Age: 27


Name of Business: Swim Craze

What’s all the craze with Swim Craze?

My brand is custom swimwear everything is hand sewn. Creating flattering suits, with fun prints, and sexy cutouts. Swim Craze designs are for the sexy, confident woman.

What made you want to design swimsuits?

I launched my business March of 2015 but I started making swimwear about four
years ago exclusively for me & friends. My inspiration came when I would always envision how I wanted my next swimsuit to look but I could never find it, or if I found something close it was overpriced. I later gained a passion for creating swimwear for myself and others.

Why open a business in Detroit?swimcraze

I was inspired by the feedback from my exclusive line from many Detroiters. 

As a fashion designer and with the summer fastly approaching, do you have any upcoming events or fashion shows?

I will be showcasing my new swimwear collection on Saturday, April 2, 2016 7 pm. At Club Reign Lush Lingerie and Swimwear Fashion Show.

fashion shows

What is it that you love about the City of Detroit?

I love the events and all activities that are going on throughout the city there is always something to do.

Best place to be in Detroit on a beautiful day and why?

Best place to be is the Detroit River walk on a beautiful day, you can work out, enjoy the weather with family, & great scenery for a photo shoot. 

Below are the links to follow Swim Craze and get more information on ordering your own custom made swimsuit.


Email: Swimcrazeswimwear@yahoo.com


Instagram: @swim_craze

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