QLD: interview with UdrinkImake


Name: Mary MorganIMG_5780

Age: 30
City: Detroit

Let’s talk about UdrinkImake, describe your business for our audience.

UdrinkImake is a company that focuses on all beverage aspects of any event. We make all drinks with or without alcohol for events, provide great customer service, professionalism, and efficiency. We make any type of drink, to match any colors, flavors, or theme that the client wants featured at their event. We can event create a signature beverage for the event as well. Tell us the location, and we will be there.

Wow, what inspired you to start your business?

My inspiration came after 15 years of working in the food service industry. I decided to take my career into my own hands. I wanted independence, freedom, and I did not want to have a boss anymore, I wanted to be the boss! So after some thinking and planning, here I am. I am now a registered business owner and I am very proud of myself. My business is booming and everyday I am working at becoming a better entrepreneur. My business goal is to be a full event planning service by the year 2018.  

What type of events does UdrinkImake ?

We do a variety of events, the size of the event is up to the client, we will accommodate. 

1. Wine Parties-where we allow guest to try featured wines and gain knowledge about wine all at the same time. Add this type of service to any ladies night, business meeting, etc. Everything is more fun with wine!  

2.Non-alcohol children’s events -where we make Virgin Daquiris, smoothies, flavored lemonades, sodas, and more. Add this type of service to children’s birthday parties and more! 

3. Weddings/Bachelorette/Private Parties/And More

We create tasty, unique, and even personalized drinks for every event. Add this type of service to make any event pop!

Other services we can provide are food catering, hosting, photography, DJ, and servers for an event all through our network of connections, just ask! 

What do you like most about your line of work?

I love most the ability to connect all the details of an event together with a drink that will have a lasting impression on the guest at the event. The drinks that are provided taste and look great, making an event extra special by having a private bartender right on staff so that everyone can UdrinkImake. Watching the emotions, and receiving the compliments, provide satisfaction from providing a great drink that turns from just a drink to an experience.

What do you love about the City of Detroit?

I love my city! I love the people and the hard work and dedication that they have. Detroiter’s definitely make things happen! 

Best place to be in Detroit on a beautiful day and why?

Best place to be on a nice day is rolling through Rouge Park, windows down, hearing the sounds of the people and seeing the sights of the cars. Later in the evening, a trip downtown in the big city could never steer you wrong. A ride down Woodward is full of lights and life, a great sight to see. 

For all of your bartending needs contact information for UdrinkImake:

Website: udrinkimake.comudrink flyer

Instagram: @udrinkimake

Twitter: @udrinkimake

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/udrinkimake


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