Take a Man on A Date Month

As you may have heard September is “Ask a man on a date month”, how interesting. A month where the tables have turned in most relationships. For years it was always said that the men should court the female, ask her out and spend all his hard earned dollars to impress her. But this is 2016, women have careers, own businesses and run households. Plus what’s wrong with having a little fun, you’d be surprised how many men feel that they are under appreciated and taken for granted. Some are even in fear of reading a meme that relates to what’s going on in their love life. Ladies let’s change things up every once in a while. Yes, it feels wonderful when he takes you to that restaurant that no one has been but everyone is talking about. Let’s not forget about how he copped the front row tickets to a sold out concert. Why not treat him? Let him know that his future wife can go all out just as he has done. I want to help you out a little, just in case you’re not sure where to take him or how to celebrate if you choose to, but it’s all for the sake of fun. You can only Netflix and chill for so long before you get pregnant.

Picnic Basket and Wine– A nice Autumn day spent with food, wine and conversation. The scenery is what adds to the romance. Orange and red leaves lead you to a quiet area to sit and chill. He’s anxious to taste the dishes packed in tupperware bowls and your’e excited to show off your cooking skills. The main highlight of this date is the conversation the two of you will have and depending on the park or area chosen the privacy. Detroit is full of small parks to host this event, so make sure you pick somewhere safe and clean.

A sexy competition- He loves to challenge himself and you’re just about tired of him teasing how much faster, stronger and smarter he is than you. Make him show you take him paint-balling, fowling (not bowling) or even to shoot pool. Place bets and only pay in skin or money. This will give you both a chance to dress down and relax around each other. Plus you’ll get to know how he reacts to getting beat by a girl.

Quick Getaway- He works ten hours a day six days a week and finally gets the weekend off, there are a few different spots to drive to from getting a room in Downtown Detroit to a road trip up North or Chicago. All it takes is a little planning and creativity, just make sure you budget this weekend getaway there are still bills to be paid on Monday.

Sporting Events– He likes the Pistons, Red Wings, Tigers or Lions, pick up a pair of tickets. Even if he does not cheer for the home team. Listen to his favorite team and take him to the root for the opposite team. Add to he fun by surprising him with a t-shirt, hoodie or fan gear so he can cheer in style.

Comedy show– His sense of humor is ridiculous and you get irritated by all of his little jokes and teases, take him to a place where he isn’t in the line up. Due to the cold weather there will be plenty of places and events where you can go to pay for a laugh. Whether it’s a big name at the Palace or a improv show downtown. For once in your relationship he won’t be laughing at you.

Beer Tour/WineTasting– If you’ve heard him walk around saying he’s a beer connoisseur put his taste buds to the test. Detroit and the metro areas are full of breweries and distilleries where the two of you can get a buzz and have some fun. If he’s not a beer drinker, Detroit has been ambushed by more than a few wine pubs to stop in for a taste.

Now, I know that some women may not agree with treating a man but don’t let one bad experience ruin it for a man that will give you the world. Know who you are dating before you start spoiling. If you’re husband, boyfriend and boo-thane treats you with the utmost respect chances are you already do these things for him. Remember to have fun with each other, love is too unpredictable to be bored with someone.

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